What if the competition tells you how to move on the market?

Analyze the reviews of your competitors and outperform other companies with a customer experience tailored to customer needs.

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Any feedback is important, even those of your competitors.

Your competitors receive hundreds of public reviews and feedback every day across multiple channels. Calton intercepts them for you and analyzes them to understand how you position yourself in relation to each topic and how you can use their reviews in your favor.

Stand out in your markets

Automatically identify and monitor competitors and get detailed information on how they position themselves in the market with respect to your brand offer. Track their performance over time and what customers think about their experiences. Build strategies to retain current customers and acquire new ones.

Beat the competition and increase your turnover.

Thanks to the automatic analyzes you can extract very useful information for the growth of your company: why do customers prefer one product over another? What drives customers to your competitors' point of sale? The information obtained in a few simple clicks will provide you with many ideas and ideas to apply in your business as well.


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