Between saying and doing there is Calton

Find out how easy it is to use data to turn your customers' opinions into action.

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Analyze information from reviews, blogs, emails, chats and surveys in one place

Calton's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine is advanced text analysis software that helps you find the root cause of the problem and helps you make decisions based on the data analyzed by our proprietary algorithm.

It won't be an algorithm that tells you how to do your job, but ...

Calton makes the data interpretable in order to understand the sentiment and the topics of the feedback in a few seconds and with very high precision. This information presented in a clear and usable way will give you and your team access to a series of reasonings that you did not have access to before.

Discover emerging topics and solve problems in time

Monitor customer feedback sentiment and topics to understand your strengths and weaknesses and discover the most frequent topics in your market.


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