One star reviews will no longer be a problem.

Your reviews can be the engine of your business or your biggest nightmare.

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Turn customer reviews to your advantage.

Calton automatically collects your customer reviews from any online channel and, using an AI system, organizes the reviews and helps you identify further optimization opportunities.

Your team's time is precious, don't waste it.

You can work with your team to manage, respond to, and analyze all of your brand reviews right from the Calton dashboard. The tool provides your team with structured and prepared information for your meetings. You no longer have to mess around with specialized resources to do what our algorithm does in a few clicks.

The data that will grow your business and reduce the time of your meetings.

With Calton's advanced analytics, your business will no longer be forced into endless meetings for one-off, isolated cases, but instead can focus on finding solutions to more common problems that plague a broader customer base. Calton's analytics directly target the hottest topics and allow you to structure services geared toward the common customer. Your customers already know what they want and Calton will show you the way.


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