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Abbiamo già aiutato numerosi brand a implementare la loro Customer Experience con un’analisi dati di altissimo livello.
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Have you ever really listened to your customers' voices?
Think about how much value you can get from textual data.
With Calton you can finally do it.

1. Gather

Collect and find in one place the reviews collected from any online channel (Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google Reviews, Amazon and many others). Access the dashboard, respond promptly to your customers and prepare to accompany them towards a new, beautiful experience

2. Collect

Finding out what they think about you is easier thanks to our collection systems. Get new private feedback, invaluable to your business growth.

3. Analyze

Thanks to a single analysis process you will be able to discover useful information in a few minutes, saving hours and hours of work.

4. Act

Get immediate information based not only on the needs of your customers, but also on the competition, and increase the impact of the decision-making process

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Calton has been selected among the 10 StartUps with the greatest potential in Europe and has just joined StartUp Wise Guys, the largest European B2B StartUp accelerator.

Here's what our customers say about us

“ All the reviews on your products and your competitors available?  With Calton it is possible

Imagine having such a powerful brain at your disposal that it is able to intercept in real time all the reviews on your products or services and those of your competitors. To read them, interpret them, analyze them and give them value. This in my opinion is Calton.

Michele Caruso
Head of Data & CX Wunderman

“Any company that knows the importance of data should take a look at Calton

Any company that wants to give importance to data and intends to provide its customers with a unique experience, with minimal development costs, should take a look at Calton.

Fabio Annunziata
Head of Strategy & Planning Hp

“Calton recalls how the perception of customers is the only one that matters and offers us the tools to listen to their voice”

Through a simple, intuitive and affordable platform. An ideal tool for companies looking for a simplified education on the subject of customer experience analysis and useful for those already aware of how strategic this aspect is for the positioning of their company

Claudia Castaldo
CX Capatoast
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Any questions? We have the answers

Is the artificial intelligence algorithm accurate or is it the usual crap?

The accuracy of any NLP software depends on the context. Some sectors and organizations have very complex problems, while others are easier to understand. Our technology offers more detailed information and is highly accurate compared to manual classifications, keyword tagging tools or other vendors using more generic AI models. We create custom classifiers for you and continually maintain them with the help of our experts of dedicated data. In any case, we recommend that you schedule a demo, so as to show you how it works.

Are competitor reviews included as well?

With Calton you can constantly monitor your competitors and analyze their public feedbacks. Discover their weaknesses and take advantage of them to differentiate yourself.

Does Calton integrate with other systems? How long does it take?

Calton already includes the most common integration. However we are a customer-centric company, which means we can (and will) quickly build an integration if we don't already have it. In a matter of one week, we create the integration you need. This also includes creating a custom AI model for your data.

What companies' size do you work with?

Companies of all sizes get value from Calton. From the small local restaurant to the big fast-food chain, from the large retail company to corporate digital companies.


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