Stop guessing! With Calton surveys you collect the REAL opinions of your customers

Capture surveys in real time and discover everything your customers think about your company and your competitors

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How it works?

Get actionable insights. Turn feedback into better experiences to delight your customers. Get more answers and data with Calton surveys. Get your promoters to leave a review. Attract new customers with post-survey interactions.

Hard data? Simple analysis with Calton!

Now that you've mined all this data, how can you mine it? Calton organizes them and allows you to recognize the value with graphs that can be navigated and interpreted by any member of his team. Identify areas for improvement, rank your stores by performance, average rating, sentiment, or theme, and turn negative feedback into growth opportunities.

Turn responses into reviews and referrals

Calton's survey system is perfectly suited to boost your marketing by giving you the ability to add recommendation and review requests at the end of each survey. Earn a higher volume of reviews, a better online reputation, and a steady stream of qualified leads, all powered by your satisfied customers.


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